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The LED PUCK HUB is our fresh thinking about what catenary lighting can achieve. HUB’s instant mounting and connection feature makes it very easy to install by tightening its screw-on cap. The two catenary cables combined low voltage power for the luminaire and are also its suspension system.

The HUB AXIS is an adaptation with a pan and tilt body which allows 150° tilting and 340° rotating. This range is available with the standard beams offered by the HUB GEN.1 (spot, medium, wide and oval), with a longer body tube to reduce the vision on the LED from the HUB COMFORT, with the flexible focus adjustment from the HUB ZOOM or the adjustable diaphragm from the HUB IRIS.

Water and corrosion-resistant, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Built in hard anodized marine grade aluminium the heat management is optimized in order to get up to 8W out of the fitting.

Highly versatile, the distance between each light can be adjusted to the requirements of the project, and it can be modified at any time without the need of an electrical intervention. The HUB’s instant mounting and connection feature makes repositioning luminaires stunningly simple: just use the screw-on cap to install or uninstall the luminaire on our custom-made catenary cable.

This cable is supplied according to the requirements of the project. We deliver also multiple accessories for pole or wall mounting.