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Complains to the French laws « Informatique et Libertés » n° 78-17 du 6 January 1978 modified in August 2004, this website has been declared to the French “Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés”.

Complains to the measure of this French laws « Informatique et Libertés », any person who gives her personal datas on this website has the rights to access, correct or delete all her personal informations and datas, by writing us a mail at the address above.

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Although the content of the website is created with the greatest of care, the LED PUCK France company does not guarantee the availability or quality of information provided free of charge, nor that such information is up to date, correct, complete, or free from third-party property rights and copyrights. Except for claims involving personal injuries, no liability claims made against the LED PUCK France company will be accepted if they arise from the use of inaccurate and/or incomplete information, unless the company acted with intent or gross negligence. The same applies for the absence of malware from the downloadable content.

The information offered on the website may include specifications or general descriptions of the technical options for products, including their technical dimensions, that may not be available all cases (e.g. due to product modifications). For this reason, the required product performance characteristics and other product features that might be necessary for the planning and implementation of lighting projects will only be stipulated upon purchase.

The LED PUCK France company excludes any liability for damages caused by negligence. Strict liability is also excluded for the company with respect to tenancy and lease legislation and similar relationships of use for errors already existing upon signing the contract.

The LED PUCK France company is authorised to modify and/or supplement these terms and conditions of use at any time with future effect.


All the text, images, animations and graphics used on this web site together with the design and layout of the web pages are subject to copyright. Reproduction, duplication and dissemination of the whole or any parts without prior permission could result in criminal and civil penalties.

Where reference is made in this web site to third-party content accessed through links, LED PUCK France is not responsible for such content.

Some project pictures are used only to illustrate or suggest the application for the product without using this specifical product on the project.

Photographic credits

Luis Díaz Díaz / Scène Publique / Explorations Architecture / SEMAVIP / BE TERRELL / Ville de Calais / Agence ON / BASE Paysagiste / BE Ingérop  / Pro-Urba / EPURE Architectes / ALLIAGE Architectes / PRAT Structures Avancées / QUARTIERS Lumières / FOX DESIGN / RATP / Toulouse Métropole et commune de Toulouse / BAU B. Arquitectura i urbanisme / Egis bâtiment Sud-ouest / Marc Aurel Studio / Flore Siesling / l’Atelier Natacha MORIN-INNOCENTI / GULF LINE / INCA architecture / ALEP Paysage / BE ENERGECO / LUMINOcité / Nicolas Wilmouth / LEDRAbrands / Sara Winsnes / Mairie de Saissac / Art Tech & cie / Jean-Louis Camilleri / Alain Dumont / A.G.B. News / Gautier et Conquet / BE OGI BET / Xavier Boymond / Franck Franjou / Seine Design / Ville de Nantes / Studio Vicarini / AREP / Atelier Coup d’Eclat / Sasaki Associates / Massachusetts Convention Center Authority / Ronstan Tensile Architecture / Jed Warsager / Christian Philips / Tauranga City Council / Fulton Hogan / WSP New Zealand / JSB Lighting