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The APERTURE is the solution without any unwanted light spill or glare thanks to a specific design of the optic: a combination between the LED’s position and a specific machining reflector with a sharp cut off. This ultimate in asymmetric beam control allows to concentrate all the light on the pathway to light up.

Thereby it has no impact on the neighbouring areas and fits very well in applications which need to combine photometric performance and architectural lighting.


Village of Decazeville – Lighting designer : Quartiers Lumières

In this project, the entire staircase was initially equipped with the SNAP ST. On the last bit of the stairs, it caused unwanted back spill on the façade behind the handrail fading the red colour from the inground luminaire.

We switched the last 9 luminaires with the SNAP APERTURE in order to preserve the highlighting of the architectural details of the wall, as imagined by the lighting designer.