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Using a multichip LED with 4 colours, the SNAP RGBW can be controlled by DALI or DMX signal.
Delivered with waterproof connectors it can be installed quicker and easier than ever.

Let free your imagination and bring infuse vibrant, emotive colour into any lighting project.
Its miniature dimensions are also perfect for any architectural lighting applications.


Footbridge in Saint-Maur-des-Fossés
Installation : CITEOS – Programmation : SOLILED

This footbridge is a good example to show how the SNAP RGBW can be used, with a functional lighting by using the white LED chip, and a dynamic and coloured lighting, adapted to different period of the year.

Several scenarios have been requested by the final costumer: pink october, blue march, three coloured French flag, and different scenarios for each season of the year.

Chevron Island Bridge at Surfers Paradise in Australie