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ZERO sets the new standard in glare-free lighting design. In order to eliminate discomfort and distraction a black paint is applied on the reflector. It is the BLACK 3.0 colour designed by the artist STUART SEMPLE.

This acrylic resin holds more pigment than other acrylics which means 3.0 is capable of trapping much more light. It is composed with a new developed pigment that is totally matte and added with a variety of brand new transparent mattifiers to flatten out stray light in order to get a PERFECT BLACK.

The application of the BLACK 3.0 on the reflector of the SNAP ZERO reduces substantially the reflection of the light on this surface which is visible by the user, so that it will be almost invisible and reduce the glare.

ZERO is perfect for accessibility applications (stairs, pathways for mobility-impaired people…) and for the architectural lighting (pergolas, bus shelters…).

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