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Designed to fit in metallic handrails, the installation is very easy to make through a simple push. Only one hole of 15mm diameter is needed to accommodate the luminaire in the handrail.
Once installed, the SNAP ST is vandal-resistant, a specific tool is needed to remove it.

No need to thread the hole or to use a threadlocker to complete the installation: the SNAP can be installed in record time thanks to its patented collapsible shell design!
It can be either installed in straight or curved handrails and in a secure and discreetly flush finish. It resists perfectly against corrosion in sea front by using 316 electropolished marine grade stainless steel.

Closed with a polycarbonate lens, it is waterproof and impact-resistant. It is also available with two lighting distributions for different types of application when photometric performance is needed.
The SNAP is versatile and available with different colour temperatures and lighting distributions which enables to create new atmospheres and highlights architecture.

By using the SNAP ST in a handrail, the light source is very close from the surface to light up. This allows to get a precise control of the light beam, saving the installation of a lamp post and optimising the visual comfort for the users. As a matter of fact, handrails are part of the architectural structures, therefore the SNAP doesn’t need any additional structure.