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The SNAP ONE is a new designed product using a micro LED positioned vertically, which is not a small matter looking the tiny dimensions of the SNAP. This LED allows also a lot of color options.

It offers a very asymmetrical optic adapted for position very close to the ground, like into lowest rail or spur-post. A single hole of 15mm diameter is needed to install the ONE through a simple push.

Special optic

Color range

Imax beyond 60°
Vertical angle 60° / Horizontal angle 100°

3 White colors / 4 Blue colors
3 Green colors / 3 amber colors / 5 Red colors


For functional lighting on a pathway in a park, we suggest to use the LED PUCK SNAP ONE mounted into spur-posts on each side of the way.

We made a lighting simulation with these data’s:

– Luminary SNAP ONE 2700K
– Vertical mounted into the spur-posts, high of 20cm
– Staggering installation with 2,20m distance on each side
– Pathway width: 2,40m

To calculate the average illumination, we implement a calculation surface with 2m width, centred on the pathway, and 18m length.

Result: average illumination = 20 Lux