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The entire process to produce the SNAP range being completely mastered and controlled by our factory (R&D, machining, assembly, tests, photometrical measurements…), it allows us to study all kind of technical enquiries.

Below you will find some examples of custom-made solutions like Point-to-point control, specific machining of the head to adjust the curv dimension, or the integration of a special LED version.

“Point-to-Point” control

Olympic ramp – Athletes’village, Paris 2024

Equipped with more than 800 LED PUCK SNAP mixed in red, amber, 2200K and 3000K colours, this ramp represents a typical torches festivity practiced in ancient Greece.

Individual control of each luminary allows the creation of scrolling and random flickering scenes.

Conception : CONCEPTO / Egis / Agence TER
Final costumer : SOLIDEO
Programmation : Lumières Utiles
Photos : DESIGN DE LUX Vincent Muracciole

Jubille Bridge, Singapore

For this specific project, we used a special auto-addressing driver in order to control each light individually through a DMX signal.

Scene with synchronous chaser

Scene with asynchronous chaser

Special LED version

LED PUCK SNAP offer a large range of LED caracteristics to respond at each kind of project, like the CRI 80 or 90 on demand and depending of the chosen color temperature. The range of the white color temperature is: 1800K (IRC 70), 2200K (IRC 70), 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K et 6500K.

For the SNAP Tunable White, the range of the color temperature for each LED on the board cover 2200K to 6500K, it defined the variation range of the product.

The range concerne aswell the LED color like Red, Green, Blue or Amber.
The RGBW SNAP offer to select the white color temperatur, the “W” of the RGBW mulichip LED, between three different versions : Warm, Neutral or Cool White.

Special curvature radius

The SNAP product range, with round shape, is adapted for mounting into round structures from 35 to 60mm diameter without perceptible roughness.

For the best aesthetic integration into special structures dimensions, the front face of the SNAP can be machined for structures diameter from 30 to 300mm.